Solar Consultation


For any project that you want  to complete a good design plan is required.  To have a PV or photovoltaic solar system you will need a design to obtain permit approval as well as permission to operate by the local utility.

Steps for solar design process

✔ Analysis or estimate of monthly energy use (kWh) and costs for most recent 12 months

✔ Assessment of roof or property site, including dimensions, shading, obstructions, slope, tilt, azimuth direction toward Sun, local snow load, wind speed, and exposure category

✔ Evaluation of current electrical setup, including the location and size of circuit breaker box(s) and existing wires

✔ Review of local permit or utility requirements, including homeowner association HOA

✔ Owner requirements for aesthetics or location of the system

✔ Solar PV system sizing options (e.g. how many watts of solar are needed now and desired in the future)

✔ Estimated solar energy production scenarios (e.g. how many kWh or kilowatts hours will be produced using PVwatts)

✔ Solar array site plan, including the location of all components

✔ Design layout options and preliminary engineering for rooftop or ground mount configuration

✔ Solar panel and inverter compatibility options

✔ Best price wholesale cost estimates for all equipment from your choice of manufacturers

✔ Easily compare systems side-by-side to evaluate price, performance, quality and compatibility

✔ Tax credit, rebate, and incentive summary

✔ Calculate expected payback, lifetime savings, and ROI

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