Residential Solar Energy System

Are you one of the many homeowners that are considering installing residential solar panels for home energy efficiency? Each homeowner that looks into renewable energy, does so for his or her own reasons. In most cases, people choose solar power for more than one singular reason. Generally speaking, the most common benefits that people seek are cost-savings and using an environmentally-friendly energy source. However, there are plenty of other solar advantages to be aware of.

Solar Can Save You Money

Going with solar energy, homeowners can save enough money on electrical bills or even eliminate it altogether, depending on the size of your solar energy system. New Jersey average household energy bills is 687 kwh per month,.

Solar Panels Can Increase Property Value

Studies show adding a Solar Energy System to your home increase your property value. In New Jersey, homes with solar panels can sell for 9.9% more than homes without solar-energy systems. That is a profit of $32,281 for the median-valued home in that state. Studies also show that homes with solar energy sell 15% faster than comparable homes without solar installations.

Type of Solar Installation

Grid Tie

Grid-tied systems are solar power setups that are connected to the electricity grid — and work without any battery backup equipment.

They are currently the most common type of solar panel system in American homes. And despite growing interest in battery technologies, most homeowners going solar today still opt for installing a grid-tied setup on their roofs.